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Cabbage Rolls

With that beautiful cabbage available the cabbage rolls should be delicious. The leaves need to be nice and tender so these should be very good. These rolls are easy to make, yummy to eat, and can be frozen to enjoy later.

Source: Robyn's HeadRoom (Entered by Robyn Carson)
Servings: Serves 4-6
Ingredient keywords: cabbage, sausage, onion, garlic, eggs, seasoning, broth, tomato
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Cinnamon Pear Popovers

Nothing says fall to me more than cinnamon flavored anything and everything. These Cinnamon Pear Popovers do not disappoint. They are light and airy with just the right amount of crispness from the pears. Pears are just the first fruit to start with and a delightful change from cinnamon apples. But let’s be honest, cinnamon apples would be phenomenal in these. Or bananas, or cranberries, or blackberries- you see where I’m going with this. I like to eat the popovers for breakfast but they are a light dessert as well in a season full of sweets. Let me know what fruit combinations you try out

Source: (Entered by Rhonda Hensley)
Servings: 4
Ingredient keywords: flour, salt, milk, eggs, pears, sugar, cinnamon
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